Register for the 2017 Community Services School

Join us May 15  through  May 19, 2017 at the UAW Family Education Center in Onaway, Michigan.


A message from Community Services Director, Robert Cramer:


Imagine if you can a better place. That retirement spot where the world can just pass you by and you don’t care. The embrace of a loved one. The look of joy and wonderment of a baby experiencing something for the first time. The laughter with friends and family, of sharing the good times with all who come. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Now imagine those who can’t. They find no joy, laughter is a thing long since passed, good times; well those are simply hard to remember. They live in fear and regret. Fear and regret, they steal us of our dignity, of our self-worth, they rob us of our dreams. They rob us of hope. Hard to imagine isn’t it?

Not for so many living in our communities today. They live it. They live not knowing what tomorrow brings nor how they will cope if yet one more thing befalls them. They can’t see hope, there’s no more laughter, dreams have been dashed.
But not if we help. Working together through your Union Community Services program can bring back hope to those in despair. It can rekindle dreams and is the beacon of light that shines through the toughest of times, the darkest of moments. A strong Union Community Services program is a game changer. Its value is unmatched, its impact on those in need living within our communities undeniable.

It isn’t just the effort or the resources we provide that makes a difference. Sure, we can build a ramp, we can collect thousands of pounds of food and feed the hungry, we can even make sure everyone has a place to sleep at night. But that isn’t it. What we provide can’t be measured in tangibles, it can’t be held in your hand nor seen with your eyes. It can only be found in the heart. For we provide HOPE! Another chance for those less fortunate to look fear and regret in the eye and say NOT TODAY. You will not rob me of my dreams, you will not rule my life!

That better place, it gets even better knowing that through your Union Community Services program you brought someone along to share it!



Registration Rates:

Early Bird Registration (register by April 7): Double Occupancy Lodging - $495 | Single Occupancy Lodging - $695

Regular Registration (register by April 28): Double Occupancy Lodging - $545 | Single Occupancy Lodging - $745


Please note that if you choose to pay online, there will be a nominal credit card processing fee in added to your registration rate. 


All registrations must be submitted no later than April 28. Following April 24, there will be a $100 cancellation fee deducted from any refunded registration.


Classes begin on Monday afternoon for first-time students. The full program will open on Monday evening. Registration is held Monday from 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm. 


For special arrangements, questions or comments please contact Kaitlynn at: | 517-664-9801.