Register for the 2018 Community Services School

Join us May 14 through  May 18, 2018 at the UAW Family Education Center in Onaway, Michigan.


A message from Community Services Director, Robert Cramer:


When is enough, enough?

When the effects of poverty prevent children from reaching their potential is it time for a change? When the lack of jobs that pay a living wage aren’t plentiful enough, can we do something about it? When our roads, bridges and infrastructure are so broken down we wonder, can they even be fixed? When you can’t afford to purchase a home, is the American dream gone?
These are questions many Americans struggle with every day, in fact, these are the issues many Americans LIVE each day. We live in the most prosperous country in the world and yet, there is so much disparity, so much inequity, and so much divisiveness it can be hard to see all its greatness. But you my Brothers and Sisters CAN do something about it. You have great propensity and strong desires to make things better. You care and that is where change starts.

Labor Unions were born out of people caring for one another. They weren’t created out of a need for grievance handling or contract negotiations - they were the result of people seeing other people in their common trade suffer. Whether it was a tragic loss of life, a deadly disease, a natural disaster decimating a community, it didn’t matter to whom or where, a need was seen and good people stood up and helped. That, my Brothers and Sisters is Community Service and the reason we all gather to learn and gain insight in to how we too can stand up and make a difference.

This year’s Community Services School will provide you with the knowledge needed to see where there is suffering and the tools to help alleviate it. We’ll do that by providing workshops which highlight the best practices of combating issues related to Health, Financial Stability and Education in our communities. We’ll examine the effects automation has on our workforce and provide training on Common Sense Economics which can then be presented at local union meetings. In conjunction with the Michigan Building & Construction Trades Council and many building trades unions, we’ll focus on the opportunities for good paying jobs with top level training that don’t require a college degree, (AND we’ll have building trades training trailers available for you to tour and get a “hands on” experience of what each trade does!). All this plus another opportunity to make an immediate impact, an Outreach Food meal preparation event!

I look forward to seeing you all at this year’s school. It will be an exciting and energetic week, full of learning and ideas for you to take back home. For it is time, our time, to say enough IS enough and to do something about it.



Registration Rates:

Early Bird Registration (register by April 6): Double Occupancy Lodging - $495 | Single Occupancy Lodging - $695

Regular Registration (register by April 27): Double Occupancy Lodging - $545 | Single Occupancy Lodging - $745


Please note that if you choose to pay online, there will be a nominal credit card processing fee in added to your registration rate. 


All registrations must be submitted no later than April 27. Following April 27, there will be a $100 cancellation fee deducted from any refunded registration.


Classes begin on Monday afternoon for first-time students. The full program will open on Monday evening. Registration is held Monday from 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm. 


For special arrangements, questions or comments please contact Kaitlynn at: | 517-664-9801.