Becoming a Member of the Michigan Association of United Ways empowers United Ways to make their work go farther. 


As the Michigan Association of United Ways continues to expand opportunities to its membership, we hope you will consider joining your colleagues again. Our association is strong when we can represent all United Ways across the state and provide decision makers with an avenue to impact communities across the state. The association continues to focus efforts on behalf of the membership in several areas. In the past year, some of our MAUW successes include:  

  • Secured $400K Funding for 2‐1‐1
  • Brought United Way’s voice to statewide advocacy efforts adding $65M funding to Early Childhood; gearing up for 0‐3 next year
  • Joined with Advocacy Coalition to move Medicaid expansion through the House
  • Led integration of 2‐1‐1 and MBA into some state department operations
  •  Increased Coverage of Child Care Hours
Staff members from the Southwest Michigan United Way at our 2012 Annual Meeting.

In addition, your participation will ensure that MAUW can continue to provide core services such as labor community services, support of statewide 2-1-1 implementation, and oversight of the State Employees Charitable Campaign. We continue to seek out and develop opportunities for our members and will continue to implement new programs to further enhance your efforts at the local level.


A summary of resources that were sent directly through to local United Ways and 2-1-1 contact centers will be shared at the 2015 MAUW Annual Meeting which can be utilized to help you and your board better understand the direct benefit. We would be more than happy to do a more specific breakdown applicable to your United Way if it would be of benefit to you locally.

The United Way of the Lakeshore catch up with Senator Geoff Hansen at the 2014 MAUW and Michigan 2-1-1 Legislative Day.


For us to continue to provide you opportunities within the association, your support will continue to be needed. If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out the Membership Investment Commitment Form and calculate your investment for this year which remains at .5% (.005) of your campaign. Please be sure to include your billing preferences which will assist you in paying at your convenience and help us to track your payments as we receive them. Email or fax your form to Janine Thomas. 


If you have any questions about becoming a member of MAUW, please contact Nancy Lindman.