Could you raise $22,386 in a day?

That’s exactly what State of Michigan employees have done in just 5 weeks through the SECC!


September 8, 2014, kicked off the 27th Annual State Employees Charitable Campaign in which $783,510 was pledged through payroll deduction for the 14-15 campaign year.

With over 1200 participating charities, 300 volunteers and nearly 4,000 donors, donations raised through the SECC impact individuals and communities on a local, state and national level.

As a MAUW staffer, serving as the manager and fiscal agent for the SECC, I have had the great honor and pleasure of working with such a generous and caring group of people. People who truly want to make a difference in the lives of others. I continue to be amazed and inspired by their commitment and dedication to the causes that are important to them. Can you believe that since 1987, State of Michigan employees have donated almost $48 million dollars to charities through the SECC? WOW!

The SECC just keeps getting better. Each year there are more donors, more volunteers, more events and ultimately more dollars generated. Even in these tough economic times, State of Michigan employees continue to give of their time, money and talents to causes that support the communities in which they live, work and raise their families, all through the SECC.

For this, I say, ‘THANK YOU’. Thank you State of Michigan employees, SECC United Way and Federation partners, department coordinators and volunteers and SECC leadership. Thank you for your hard work and generosity as it has an impact on more lives than you could possibly ever know.

I look forward to another successful year with all of you!

Heather Travis is a Program Specialist with the Michigan Association of United Ways. Click here to learn more about Heather. Visit the SECC page to find out more about the State Employees Charitable Campaign.