Weekly Wrap Up

Lots of new information this week! A few notes from us first:

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For the United Way of Genesee, the first rule of volunteering is to talk about volunteering. Learn about the experience of one volunteer in this article by MLive. As this columnist puts it "Even though talking about volunteering can come across as self-serving, not talking about it misses the opportunity to spread the word on what giving something as simple as an afternoon means to the groups helping the less fortunate among us." Read more here

Picture courtesy of Andraya Croft, MLive.com

Picture courtesy of Andraya Croft, MLive.com

MLive Staff in Muskegon joined the United Way of the Lakeshore for "mini days of caring" throughout the month of January. During 18 scheduled days, staff prepared hundreds of sack-suppers for children at schools throughout Muskegon. Read more about their efforts in this article.

Does your United Way offer "mini days of caring"? Comment below! 

How about a feel good moment? Detroit was in the news for all the right reasons this past week as resident James Robertson's story touched thousands.  Robertson recently shared his story of a 21-mile walk to work - from Detroit to Rochester Hills - after being unable to repair his car close to a decade ago. The response from the community was overwhelming with over $300,000 donations made to GoFundMe account with an original goal of $5,000.  Read more about Robertson's reaction to the funds here

How did you feel after reading Robertson's story? Leave your thoughts in a comment below!