#MeetUpEatUp Meals Ensure Summer is Healthy and Happy for At-Risk Kids

July is almost over, but summer meals are still in session! Throughout Michigan, thousands of children have taken advantage of meal programs. Many schools, community centers and churches are offering meals and fun learning activities though the end of August so there is still time to participate!

Sites offer a variety of meal options, including breakfast, lunch, supper and/or a snack depending on the operating hours of the program. Sites also have reading programs, field trips, science experiments and a safe place to play with friends.


When out and about in town, be sure to look for #MeetUpEatUp signage which many sites use to indicate the presence of a program. Sites are “open enrollment” for meals, which means that children can participate on a “drop in, drop out” basis. Activities, especially field trips, may require enrollment and small registration fees. #MeetUpEatUp meals are always offered to children 18 year of age or younger at no cost the child’s family.


A #MeetUpEatUp location near you can also be found by visiting www.michigan.gov/meetupeatup and entering a zip code for all nearby locations. 

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