United Ways across Michigan help children and youth achieve their potential by making certain they enter school ready to learn, achieve age-appropriate benchmarks, complete high school and make a successful transition to post secondary education and/or vocational training.


Pre-K and Early Childhood Programs

When ALICE’s children lack access to quality care and education before they go to kindergarten, they can fall behind, and some children who fall behind early never catch up. Early investment can help prevent future burden on the education system and other social services. Make a donation that helps children 0 - 3 gain access to quality programs before they enter elementary school.

High Quality K-12 Education

Kids from ALICE households cannot prepare for a successful career and life without a quality education. ALICE student achievement and reading by third grade depends upon support for high standards, improved teacher quality, and excellent schools. Put your dollar to work making sure these young people have access to programs that support their in-school learning. 

Post Secondary Education & Workforce Development

Without opportunities for post-secondary education or training, members of ALICE households become trapped in minimum wage jobs. Adults who cannot make a good living cannot significantly contribute to Michigan’s economy. The Michigan Association of United Ways helps to fund programs that encourage these opportunities across the state. 



United Way works to improve the number of children and adults who have access to and receive quality health and dental care. Donate to United Way to help connect our friends, family and neighbors with health and human services with the greatest possible efficiency.


Michigan Children's Health Access Program

Send your dollars to support MI-CHAP, an innovative and bold model that works to connect children + youth on Medicaid with Medical Homes. Help us reduce unnecessary visits the the Emergency Room, support healthy children and save your insurance dollars. 

Healthy Kids Dental Expansion

Our Public Policy team supports the expansion of Healthy Kids Dental -  our largest populations of children from ALICE households should have access to dental services. Donate today to support their efforts.

Michigan 2-1-1

People of all ages and socioeconomic status utilize Michigan 2-1-1 daily to connect with much needed Health and Human Services resources across the state. Use your dollars to help fund a necessary system that helps to reduce the amount of time needed to find a vital service in your community.