When our children and youth participate in high-quality after-school programs, Michigan gains students who succeed socially, intellectually and physically. 


The research is clear - high-quality after-school programs offer opportunities for students that yield positive outcomes for students, communities and family engagement in learning. The Michigan After-School Partnership supports after-school initiatives to ensure that Michigan children and youth will have the opportunity to participate in high-quality after-school programs that support their success through social, cultural, physical and intellectual development. 


The goal of MASP is to support programs and communities in understanding and identifying quality programs by providing research, resources and links to valuable professional development materials. 

The Michigan After-School Partnership supports:


  • By supporting programs and communities in understanding and identifying quality programs, providers gain access to research and resources to valuable professional development opportunities.


  • Supporting the development and growth of statewide policies that impact after-school is critical in achieving to ensure high-quality programs and sustainable streams of local,state and federal funding.


  • By growing the number of stakeholders working together, MASP ensures that all Michigan children and youth have access to high-quality programs during their out of school time.

Expanded Learning

  • High quality after-school and summer learning programs powered by school-community partnerships offer young people a variety of hands-on, engaging learning activities that build upon the school day. You can support The Expanded Learning and Afterschool Project by becoming a supporter or signing up for their newsletter.


After-school - Summer Learning – Expanded Learning Opportunities – whatever you call them, these are critical experiences that every child deserves to support their academic learning, expose them to careers and to help keep them safe and healthy every day. Strong community –school partnerships are key to helping more young people achieve, connect and thrive in a global world.
— Mary Sutton, Michigan After-School Partnership Executive Director

The Michigan After-School partnership is open to individuals, organizations and regional/local coalitions interested in promoting, increasing access to, and sustaining quality out-of-school programs and partnerships for children and youth. Your involvement is key for achieving this goal and for the success of the network.

Here's how you can get involved:

  • Become a member of a MASP Committee. You can fill out the MASP Partner Form here.

  • Sign up to receive the MASP Newsletter and e-mail alerts. Each newsletter contains resources, event information and after-school news.

  • Host a Lights On Afterschool event. Lights On Afterschool is the largest national event celebrating the importance of afterschool programs. Start planning your event today!

  • Start simple and follow MASP on Twitter and Facebook. It's the quickest way to get the best after-school news.

For more information contact Mary Sutton.
Email: msutton@uwmich.org 
Phone: 517.667.9805