Below please find brief descriptions of each of the MAUW committees. The committee structure is based on MAUW’s Centers of Excellence plan (4 areas each with a corresponding committee). Each committee will work toward implementation of the outcomes in their respective areas as outlined within the plan.   


Budget and Finance
The committee plays a key role in the “Financial Resource Capacity” Center by working to advance UW as a statewide leader and enable implementation of system goals and priorities by developing substantial and diverse financial resources in areas such as Government funding; Foundations; Corporations; Individual Philanthropists. The committee provides direction for the association budget and investment areas as well as audit functions.  


As outlined in the “Boards of Influence” Center, the committee focus will work toward the development of a strong and recognized network of United Way Boards of Influence, that can effectively participate in and forward the advancement of United Way as a statewide ‘system leader’. Included will be board recruitment & leadership development activities for the MAUW Board and committee structure, as well as by-law revisions. 


Membership Capacity
The committee will work within the “Organizational & Membership Capacity Building” Center to provide leadership at regional and local levels to create partnerships that will leverage member assets; thereby, positioning itself as a Statewide unified system. The committee will also review product and service opportunities for the association to provide value to members. 


Public Policy
The MAUW Public Policy Committee will work to further develop a recognized Public Policy presence by developing capacity in many forms: Local and/or regional policy/agenda/plan formation; Local and/or regional policy relationships; and furthering policy partnership opportunities. The committee will be involved in reviewing legislative opportunities for United Ways across Michigan at the state and federal levels and make recommendations for policy positions on key legislation.  


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