Over 1 million children in Michigan live at risk of poor health outcomes due to barriers at the family, practice and system levels. MI-CHAP can change that.


Born out of Kent County, CHAP is an evidence-based model that improves the quality of care and health outcomes for children with Medicaid while reducing the cost of care. With wide-ranging value for low-income, at-risk children, MI-CHAP transforms medical care delivery to the families, improving efficiencies at the provider level and reducing costs at the system level.

When families have sufficient access to quality pediatric patient centered medical homes, they are significantly more likely to use their medical home for primary care, ultimately leading to healthier children and reduced costs.

MI-CHAP provides services to throughout the state by utilizing:

Virtual CHAP

  • Expertly trained 2-1-1 CHAP Specialists

Local Multidisciplinary Teams

  • RNs, MSWs, BSWs
  • Community Health Workers
  • Support Service Coordinators
  • Asthma Educators

Together the Local Multidisciplinary Teams and Virtual CHAP provide, education, care coordination, community resource referral, transportation and other necessary services to address social determinants of health and barriers to medical access for children on Medicaid.

When primary care practices have support and access to community resources practices efficiencies can be greatly improved. For Medical Providers, CHAP provides crucial technical assistance needed to enable practices to provide a patient centered medical home, address critical children’s health issues and learn and share best practices.

If the hospitalization rate for children on Medicaid was the same as those with private, insurance, the estimated savings for one year would be $300 - $400 million.


Ultimately, MI-CHAP aims to demonstrate that by reallocating state resources to focus on prevention and early intervention, there will be better health outcomes for children, improved quality of care, and reduced cost of children’s healthcare statewide.

For more information contact Nancy Lindman. 

The Michigan Association of United Ways received funding from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund to support the Michigan Children's Health Access Program. This program is aimed at benefiting the health and wellness of Michigan’s children.