The following United Ways believe regional cooperative efforts among local United Ways in Michigan and northern Indiana will benefit donors and ultimately the United Way system. Further, the undersigned United Ways believe collaborative efforts will ultimately strengthen local United Way organizations and will not deter from local autonomy. It is the underlying intent of all parties signing this memorandum to meet the wishes of every donor to the best of their abilities, and with as minimal cost to the donor as possible.  


It is agreed that local United Ways signing this agreement will meet periodically and determine those activities and functions that may be pursed in a collaborative regional manner. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

United Way to United Way Transactions: 

  • Waive all administrative & processing fees associated with the transfer of donations (designations) from one United Way to another.

  • Charge United Ways actual pledge loss (shrinkage) on transfers of donations (designations) from one United Way to another, as follows:

    • cash and checks will not have a pledge loss applied;

    • bill direct pledges will have an actual pledge loss applied;

    • payroll deduction pledges will have an actual pledge loss applied that represents the total payment made by the donor making the designation. Should a local United Way not have the ability to determine if that donor’s payroll deduction pledge was paid in full, then the pledge loss applied shall be determined by either the specific account from where the pledge originated, or by the overall local United Way’s documented pledge loss.

United Way to Other Agencies Transactions:

  • Transfers of donations (designations) to United Way funded agencies in other communities shall be made directly to those agencies, with appropriate fees and pledge losses deducted by the originating local United Way. (Standard M will still apply for communication purposes)

Michigan Association of United Ways will serve as the organization maintaining the original MOU and will serve as the contact point for United Ways wishing to be included in the agreement or those United Ways wishing to discontinue their affiliation. MAUW will inform participating United Ways of additions or deletions to the agreement. If disagreements arise between United Ways as it pertains to this agreement, the MAUW Member Services Committee will appoint persons from the membership to resolve conflicts.  

Note: Clarifications made to agreement on 3/11/10

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