2017 Policy Priorities


Our 2017 Policy priorities are designed to help ALICE - Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed - households - Michigan residents who are working and paying taxes, but still struggling to make ends meet.


ALICE parents with an infant and toddler spend well over 25 percent of their income on child care. Limited childcare availability and high costs prohibit employers from retaining employees and building talent. Childcare keeps Michigan working. 

When ALICE's children lack access to quality education before they go to kindergarten, they can fall behind, and some children who fall behind early never catch up. Early investment can help prevent future burden on the education system and other social services. 

Kids from ALICE households cannot prepare for a successful career and life without a quality education. ALICE student achievement and ready by third grade depends upon support from high standards, improved teacher quality and excellent schools. 

ALICE needs an easy, non-bureaucratic mechanism to connect with faith-based, nonprofit and public resources to address basic needs before their needs become costly emergencies. The 2-1-1 website and hotline connect people with a statewide database of available health and human services needed during difficult times.

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For information on our Policy Platform, contact Nancy Lindman, Director of Policy and Partnerships.