For nearly 20 years, the Michigan Association of United Ways has served as a powerful partner in facilitating the State Employees Charitable Campaign.


In 1987, the State Employees Charitable Campaign (SECC), a program of the State of Michigan, was created to combine all charitable appeals and giving drives into one annual event, generally lasting 5 weeks between the months of September and November. The SECC is the primary vehicle for employees to make charitable donations using the most efficient and consistent pathway possible, payroll deduction.

Since its inception, State of Michigan employees have raised nearly $50 million through the SECC. Each year employees contribute money to a variety of causes which support the communities in which they live, work, volunteer and raise their families.

As the manager and fiscal agent for the SECC, the Michigan Association of United Ways (MAUW) has worked to implement the vision of the SECC Steering Committee and has streamlined its processes to add value on behalf of the donors as well as maintained the partnerships of nonprofit networks in Michigan. 

Through its partnerships with United Ways and Federations across the State of Michigan, MAUW has:

  • developed a statewide network of relationships the SECC can leverage
  • produced clear communications to participants 
  • implemented consistent expectations and standards across all SECC partner charities
  • provided fairness to all participating entities in a non-partisan and non-biased method

In leading by example rather than by exception, MAUW and the SECC have created a powerful partnership that benefits communities at a local, state and national level.  

For donor choice in giving, confidence in charitable partners and convenience of payroll deduction, SECC is the preferred option for State of Michigan employees. 

For more information contact Heather Travis
Phone: 517.664.9800