United We Read is a collaborative effort to mitigate the risk of dropping out of high school. Coordinated by the Michigan Association of United Ways, United We Read increases literacy and early grade learning by providing direct access to reading resources while building awareness of literacy issues. This initiative grew from an effort begun in 2011 by multiple United Ways, with funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation through United Way Worldwide, to collaborate on broad strategies that address the root causes of education, income and health issues. Through United We Read, we specifically target communities statewide where there are vulnerable children to give them the best chance to read and learn. 


While literacy issues may share many common causes, the solutions are diverse. Every community has its unique needs and strengths. We've gathered some of the best examples of early age literacy initiatives from United Way communities across Michigan to share in the successes of our local United Ways. 


Here you can download our United We Read booklet, find recent updates to the program and download materials to help you join the United We Read movement. 


For more questions on United We Read, contact Scott Dzurka.

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United We Read Update Webinar from April 29, 2014

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