Since 1947, we have worked to enhance the work of United Ways across the state.


By creating opportunities for local United Ways to work with one another, we improve performance, reduce costs and create greater impact at the local and state level.


Our Mission

The Michigan Association of United Ways (MAUW) is a partner in developing powerful responses to current and emerging issues in local communities. The State Association provides leadership in policy influence and capacity building to affect positive change in local communities.


Who We Serve

Approximately 60 local United Ways who represent the largest network of non-governmental service providers and service funders in Michigan, collectively raising and distributing over $160 million dollars to support local health and human service organizations.

Local United Ways are at the core of understanding and collaborating to solve the needs of their individual communities. Our association is where those individual needs intersect in a way that allows those same United Ways to address similar challenges at a statewide level and guides our strategies to enhance value back to those same communities.

What We've Achieved


Developed a space where Management and Labor leaders can meet to improve community conditions.


Brought United Ways throughout Michigan together to launch and support one of the nation's most advanced 2-1-1 statewide systems.

Adult Woman_Teacher 2.jpg

Lead efforts for United Ways to bring ALICE to Michigan - a research-based project to ignite awareness and community improvements for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed families

  • Created an easy way for Michiganders to support basic needs in their communities through state income tax check-off
  • Forged a partnership between the state of Michigan and the Philanthropic community that changed the landscape of health and human service delivery system through the Michigan Benefits Access inititaive
  • Supported statewide organizations aligning with United Way priorities through providing fiduciary and back office support for the Michigan After-School Partnership, Michigan's Children, the State Employees Charitable Campaign and Michigan 2-1-1
  • Guided national efforts to develop state United Way Associations to advance the system's impact in the areas of Education, Income and Health

But most important, the Michigan Association of United Ways continues to be on the lookout for innovations which improve communities through system-wide United Way partnership with the state of Michigan.